Team Kimoreena walks for the cure!

During my last appointment, my doctor handed me a brochure on the Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes event sponsored by the American Diabetes Association. Her office has a team, and she encouraged me to walk, too.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been a diabetic for 30+ years, and I’m not sure why I’ve never been active in the cause. I certainly have benefitted from advances in diabetes care and technology over the last several years (thanks to having a great health insurance plan). After all, I’ve gone from giving my self 6 shots a day to using an insulin pump and a CGM to manage my diabetes.

It struck me that I should do something – anything – to try to help the cause. So sponsoring a team and raising money to support research for a cure seemed like a great place to start.

And that it was! On October 26, 2013, Team Kimoreena – my daughter, my sister and I – walked the walk in Fort Lauderdale and raised $1500.  I’m very proud of us, especially since this was our first time participating in the event. It was great to feel the energy of the crowd and see so many people walking with us:

Crossing the New River Bridge

Crossing the New River Bridge

What was especially cool was seeing my sign along the walk:

My Sign!

My Sign!

Since then, I’ve been trying to walk at least 4 times a week, just for me. I know how important exercise is to managing my diabetes (although I haven’t always been great at executing on that knowledge). Anyway, while I was walking, I got the idea to write a blog. I’m not a scientist nor a healthcare professional, but I have lived with this disease for 30+ years, which (IMHO) makes me kind of an expert. I’ve lived the anxieties, the frustrations, the highs and lows (literally), the pride of having an A1C below 7, the guilt of having a newborn baby in NICU because of his “low blood sugar transition”…the list goes on and on.  I know it will help me to blog about my experiences – and if it helps someone else as well, then I will be so proud.

So now, I don’t want to just walk the walk, but I want to talk the talk, through this blog and social media. I have a voice – and so do the millions of other diabetics out there.

Together, we can work to find a cure. Now.

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