Open Kim-ono

So today (and with each endocrinologist appointment from here on out), I’m going to post my A1C and other pertinent test results. I am not always proud of them, but I’m hoping this “open kimono” approach will inspire me to keep motivated and aggressive in managing my diabetes.

My latest blood work was done on August 16, 2013.  Here’s what it showed:

  • Hemoglobin A1C: 8.5% [4.8-5.6%]*
  • Serum Glucose (Fasting): 117 mg/dL [65-99 mg/dL]
  • BUN: 12 mg/dL [6-24 mg/dL]
  • Serum Creatinine: 0.73 mg/DL [0.57-1.00 mg/dL]
  • TSH: 1.640 uIU/mL [0.450-4.500 uIU/mL]
  • Total Cholesterol: 229 mg/dL [100-199 mg/dL]
  • Triglycerides: 220 mg/dL [0-149 mg/dL]
  • LDL Cholesterol: 131 mg/dL [0-99 mg/dL]

So, 5 of the big 8 were out of whack. BUT…the good news is that these values were all down significantly from the previous tests that were done in May.  This means I’m headed in the right direction, although not at goal. Encouraging, but I’ve still got work to do. [And, as a diabetic, that work never, ever, ever goes away].

An A1C of 8.5% means that my average blood sugar during the last 2-3 months was around 197, just shy of the big 200.  Not good, and I know I can do better.

As a side note, we do tend to focus on our A1C numbers every 3 months, but the other values are also very important, especially since the risk of heart disease and stroke is 2-4 times higher in diabetics than non-diabetics. They’re all interrelated. I’m pleased (relieved?) that my kidneys are still functioning well, my hypothyroidism is in check and my eyes aren’t showing signs of retinopathy (just middle age). Diabetes isn’t an isolated condition, it’s systemic. (It’s kind of like that old Whack a Mole game, where you get one mole and another pops up and then another one…)

My plan of action:

  • Get back to using my CGM more regularly, because it provides me with real-time data on which I can take action.
  • Exercise more!
  • In general, eat healthier (less red meat, more vegetables, smaller portions)…
  • My doctor increased the dosage of my cholesterol medication, so hopefully that will help get those numbers down.
  • I bought a S/M/T/W/Th/F/S pill box to make sure I take my medications every day. (I feel so old).

My next scheduled appointment is in December. The holidays are never a good time to have your blood work done (and get on the scale!), but you’ve just got to do it. My new mantra: Don’t be afraid of your A1C!

*Who are they kidding? For a diabetic, if I can get below 7.0%, my endocrinologist and I are thrilled! Time to celebrate (just not with food)!


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